Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sean Hannity Tick Tock Tick Tock DOOM!...One Of Michael Cohen's Secret Clients

Hannity is rebuked on his OWN show for failing to disclose his relationship with Trump lawyer after it was revealed Fox Host was Michael Cohen's secret client at court hearing attended by Stormy Daniels

Sean Hannity faced a rebuke by one of his own guests for failing to reveal he was one of Michael Cohen's secret clients during his Monday show. The Fox News host's name was released on the order of U.S. district court Judge Kimba Wood, despite Cohen's claims it would cause the broadcaster 'embarrassment' or 'harm'. Hannity has since admitted he was getting legal advice from Cohen - the president's lawyer who paid Stormy Daniels $135,000 to silence her claims of sex with Donald Trump. But on Monday, during his first TV appearance since the startling revelation, he faced a rare challenge by one of his own guests - Yale University Professor Alan Dershowitz - over why the anchor had failed to mention his ties to Cohen. Source

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