Why Isn't This Woman In Jail? Carrie Tolstedt Heads Wells Fargo Dept. That Lost 5,300 Jobs After Scamming Customers & This Hag Carrie Gets $125 Million?

Wells Fargo executive in charge of fake accounts unit that cost bank a $185m fine and 5,300 jobs will walk away with $125m golden handshake

The Wells Fargo executive who oversaw a department responsible for opening more than two million unauthorized accounts will walk away with $125million when she retires at the end of the year. Carrie Tolstedt served as the company's head of Community Banking for eight years, during which employees met sales quotas and racked up fees by opening 1.5million bank accounts and 565,000 credit cards for customers without their consent. On Thursday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fined Wells Fargo a record $185million, and 5,300 employees were fired over the course of five years as a result of the scandal. But Tolstedt has received praise and a $7million dollar bonus in recent years for 'strong cross-sell ratios' that were partly generated by the fraudulent practice employees commonly referred to as 'sandbagging'. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>


  1. Absolutely why America cannot say that it's great. Were giving all of the money that used to go back to the American populace via taxes to whores who do illegal things, ruin people's lives, and then f*** off to islands unknown (where their money sits, too). It makes me sick. Trickle-down economics my ASS! Meanwhile republicans want MORE tax cuts. Their messages (and their messenger) are batsh*t CRAZY!


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