Monday, March 3, 2014

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook Says Dump Our Stock If You're A Climate Change Heretic!

The sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance
Q. 925. HOW many such sins are there?
A. Four.
Q. 930. What is the third?
A. Oppressing of the poor, which is a cruel, tyrannical, and unjust dealing with inferiors.
Q. 931. What other proof have you of that?
A. Out of Exod. xxii. 21. “Ye shall not hurt the widow and the fatherless: If you do hurt them, they will cry unto me, and I will hear them cry, and my fury shall take indignation, and I will strike thee with the sword.” And out of Isa. x. 1, 2. “Wo to them that make unjust laws, that they might oppress the poor in judgment, and do violence to the cause of the humble of my people.”
Q. 932. What is the fourth?
A. To defraud working men of their wages, which is to lessen, or detain it from them.
Q. 933. What proof have you of it?
A. Out of Eccl. xxxiv. 37. “He that sheddeth blood and he that defraudeth the hired man, are brethren,” and out of James v. 4. “Behold the hire of the workmen that have reaped your fields, which is defrauded by you, crieth, and their cry hath entered into the ears of the Lord God of Sabbath.”
Apple chief executive Tim Cook has told climate-change deniers they should not buy shares in the company. Cook, 53, who took over the company shortly after Steve Jobs died of cancer in October 2011, was giving a talk at the 2014 Annual Meeting of Shareholders when he made the remarks. The National Centre for Public Policy had called for Apple not to put money in green energy projects which are not profitable. However, Cook said Apple did 'a lot of things for reasons besides profit motive' adding: 'We want to leave the world better than we found it.' He said: 'If you want me to do things only for ROI (return on investment) reasons, you should get out of this stock. 'When we work on making devices accessible to the blind, I don't consider bloody ROI'. Since becoming Apple's chief executive, Cook has increased the use of solar, wind and geothermal resources used to power the company's offices to more than 75 per cent. He has also donated millions of dollars of Apple's money to charity. Pledging to improve conditions for workers in China where iPhones and iPads are made he said: 'We believe that workers everywhere have the right to a safe and fair work environment.' Last month Cook revealed that the rumours about Apple's vaulted privacy are true and they do hide their new products from employees using blacked-out windows and hidden rooms. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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