Saturday, June 29, 2024

Mystery as two top execs at Drug rehab company kill themselves and facilities suddenly shut down across the US: 'There's more to the story'

Mystery as two top execs at rehab company kill themselves and facilities suddenly shut down across the US: 'There's more to the story' 

 Employees of a multistate rehab company have been left in the dark after several facilities shut across the country following the suicides of the two top executives. Retreat Behavioral Health, which has facilities in Florida, Philadelphia and Connecticut, abruptly closed their facility in Palm Beach, Florida, last week. Employees told WPTV that around 100 mental health and substance use patients were told to pack up and leave, including 30 who had nowhere to go. Facilities in Lancaster County, PA, and New Haven, CT, have also since shuttered following the deaths of CEO Peter Schorr and CAO Scott Korogodsky. Korogodsky had taken up the leadership of the company after Schorr killed himself at his home in Delray Beach, according to LancasterOnline. Days after Schorr died, Korogodsky also killed himself life - according to the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner's Office. Lissa Franklin, the VP of Southeast Florida Recovery Advocates, told CBS12: 'I'm sure there’s more to the story, but from the employees that I spoke with most everybody that was there did find safe and supportive discharge options. 'It’s very sad what happened to the Retreat. From my experience. it was a great program. 'They always helped everyone in the community. They treated everybody with compassion and kindness.' According to Franklin the facility was one of the only ones in the area that accepted Medicaid or VA health insurance policies. Internal emails sent to staff and seen by the outlet show that Korogodsky assured members of staff they would be paid after a delay in receiving paychecks. On Thursday, Alexander Hoinsky, the chief financial officer for the facility, said that the company had been on dire straits financially for at least a year. Hoinsky told WPTV that he had grew concerned after executives at the company stopped taking his calls. He said: 'I left messages and emails [and] laid out what was going to go forward. Basically, they did not want to hear it.' He continued: 'Here's the facts, the company ran out of cash. Revenue dropped drastically and they didn’t adjust costs.' Meanwhile workers at the facility in Palm Beach are still waiting to be paid for their work after being informed of their termination last week. One nurse said: 'I don’t know what days I was scheduled for. I just decided to show up. 'I just wanted to be there. Because when they said everybody was going to be discharged it just sounded like such a huge task.' The nurse, who wished to remain anonymous, told WPTV, that the fire alarm had been triggered and everyone was out of the building. After being let inside, she claimed that patients started fighting with each other with staff members unable to deescalate the situation. According to the worker, patients were breaking into nurse stations to get at narcotics - while workers emptied fridges full of food. Hoinsky believes that employees will be paid for their final three weeks work and is hoping he will also be paid. Source

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