Saturday, August 5, 2023

Sound of Freedom Funder Rad Trad Fabian Marta Charged With Kidnapping Two Children.....

Missouri resident and Rad Trad Influencer Mike Parrott  of RTF fame says he knows the people who funded Sound Of Freedom...

How well did Parrott know Matra? See latest podcast here

Gee didn't see that coming...

Police say Marta helped another man "harbor" two girls in an apartment on July 21, 2023. The girls were taken from their mother by an unnamed suspect and kept in the apartment. Police say Marta prevented the girls from returning to their mother by stopping the police from entering the apartment. Source

Fabian Marta, whose name appears in Sound of Freedom credits for helping crowdfund the anti-child trafficking blockbuster film, is charged with kidnapping a child 

One of the funders of the film Sound of Freedom has been arrested for kidnaping a child, according to court records. Fabian Marta, 51, was one of thousands of donors who gave funds for the production of the film based on former Department of Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard's efforts against child trafficking. The St Louis, Missouri, resident was charged felony child kidnapping last month.'The Sound of Freedom movie tackles a very tough subject, and took extraordinary effort to bring it to movie theaters,' Marta wrote on Facebook in a now-deleted post, as reported by Newsweek. 'I'm proud to have been a small part of it. If you see the movie look for 'Fabian Marta and Family' at the very end of the credits,' Marta reportedly added. Marta's name is featured on the film's credit as one of the 'investors [who] helped bring Sound Freedom to theaters." He was released on personal recognizance after bail was set at $15,000 and is scheduled to appear in court on August 28. Police have not released additional details regarding the criminal charges. If found guilty, Marta could face 10 years in prison. 

When reached my on Friday, Marta directed all questions to his lawyer. 'There is a ton that is wrong here,' he said. Marta's lawyer Scott Rosenblum told Marta will be entering a plea of not guilty. 'The charges are ill founded and we expect a very favorable outcome,' he added. It's not clear how much money Marta donated to the film's production. has reached out to the St Louis police department for additional details. The company said in a statement: 'Angel Studios adhered to the requirements of federal and state laws and regulations in allowing 6,678 people to invest an average of $501 each into the launch of Sound of Freedom. 'Just as anyone can invest in the stock market, everyone who meets the legal criteria can invest in Angel Studios projects. One of the perks of investing was the ability to be listed in the credits.' Source

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