Saturday, February 18, 2023

Black Mass Murderer Anthony McRae KIlls Three Michigan State University Students And Wounded Five Others.

MSU shooter Anthony McRae claimed to be ‘leader of 20 killers,’ targeted church and schools 
The Michigan State University gunman was found by police with a chilling note in which he targeted local businesses, a church and the Ewing, NJ, school district, as well as the campus where he shot eight, killing three, on Monday. Anthony McRae, 43, claimed he was “leader of a group of 20 killers” and listed the Meijer warehouse where he had recently worked among his targets because he felt “slighted,” according to police. “It appears that he had some issues with the employees there and he was asked to leave. So it looks like possibly a motive for that was he just felt slighted, that’s kinda what the note indicated,” said Lt. Rene Gonzalez of the Michigan State Police. McRae took his own life after opening fire in two MSU campus buildings. When The Post asked MSU Police Chief Chris Rozman about McRae’s motive, he described it as “a difficult question.” It appears based on the content of the note that he felt that he was slighted in some way by people or businesses. Did a mental health issue amplify that or was it a component of that? We are not sure at this point … It’s a question on all our minds,” he said. On Wednesday, McRae’s uncle described him as a “paranoid schizophrenic” — charges his father later denied, saying he had not been diagnosed with any mental health issues, although he admitted his son turned “evil” after losing his mother in 2020. Police also confirmed that despite McRae’s note claiming he led a “group of 20 killers,” investigators are confident he acted alone. “[McRae’s] father said he had no friends,” Gonzalez explained. “He pretty much sat in his room — he ate and went to the bathroom in there. He had no friends, let alone 20 of them.” McRae had two 9mm handguns on his person at the time of his death, alongside eight loaded magazines of ammunition in his backpack and a ninth loaded magazine in his breast pocket. He was also carrying two empty magazines, police confirmed. Source

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