Saturday, June 11, 2022

Jeff Bezos Hired Juan Carlos Garcia, As CEO Of Amazon In Mexico Who Later Hired Hitmen To Kill His Wife...

Ex-Amazon Mexico CEO 'paid hitmen $9,000 to kill his ex-wife' by shooting her in the head at traffic stop with their two sons in the car, sicario tells court

A former Amazon executive who is the key suspect in his estranged wife's hit-style murder has been accused of paying $9,000 to have her killed. Abril Pérez Sagaón was shot in the head and neck by a man on a motorcycle who opened fire through the passenger-side window where she was seated in a car while driving through Mexico City in November 2019. Juan Carlos Garcia, who was the CEO of Amazon in Mexico when the company opened its first office in Mexico in 2015, is alleged to have paid 180,000 Mexican pesos to two sicarios, or hitmen, to carry out the killing. He is even alleged to have offered a 50,000 peso bonus - about $2,500 - if she was killed before the couple's next court hearing in a case she had filed against them.The trial for Pérez's murder began on Monday with the testimony beginning with that of the alleged hitman who claims Garcia hired him. Pérez had already accused García of attempting to murder her while they the couple were still together. García fled across the border to the U.S. before the trial began and is still on the run with an Interpol arrest warrant for him in 190 countries. At the time of her murder, Pérez had a restriction order against García and moved from the capital to the northern Mexican state of Nuevo León. Following her murder, García wrote a letter to the mayor of Mexico City protesting his innocence. 'As a father I would have never wanted for my kids to go through something like this, which has affected them and changed our lives,' García wrote to Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum. Source

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