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Is That Lost On You? Judge Makes Ban On Saget Autopsy Records Release Permanent....Death By Means Of Autoerotic Asphyxiation (AeA)

 Ligature Abrasions Around The Victim’s Neck
(Not Bob Saget)

Bob Saget engaged in Erotic Asphyxiation in the Hotel Bathroom. The (AeA) rigging might have been a metal braced fitted on top of Bathroom door frame that had the rope tied to it. While engaging in the act of Erotic Asphyxiation Saget panicked and struggled to get loose - causing the metal brace on top the door frame to come loose and hit Saget in the back of the head with tremendous force causing Saget to fall down and forward into the Bathroom Sink or Toilet causing the Black Eyes.

The family does not want the Autopsy Report to be made public because there may be many embarrassing items found - See the following  Erotic Asphyxiation Case Study 

'Plaintiffs will suffer irreparable harm in the form of extreme mental pain, anguish, and emotional distress if Defendants release the Records in response to public records requests or otherwise disseminate the Records for any other reason or purpose,'  Source

Bob Saget's last photo was posted to Instagram the night he died, and captioned: 'Very appreciative and fun audiences. Thanks again to @comediantimwilkins for opening. I had no idea I did a two hour set tonight. I’m back in comedy like I was when I was 26. I guess I’m finding my new voice and loving every moment of it. Peace out' Source

The following is a case study of  Erotic Asphyxiation - in all its embarrassing details. For References see Source link:


Complete Autoerotic Asphyxiation
Suicide or Accident?

Tournel, Gilles M.D.; Hubert, Nicolas M.D.; Rougé, Clotilde M.D.; Hédouin, Valéry M.D., Ph.D.; Gosset, Didier M.D., Ph.D.

Autoerotic activity sometimes consists of the practice of self-induced cerebral anoxia, usually by hanging, strangulation, or suffocation during masturbation. Autoerotic asphyxiation and accidental ligature strangulation by a partner are well-known phenomena described in medical literature, particularly in forensic medicine reports (1–5). This is a very ancient behavior. In French classical literature, Jean Giono describes traditional autoerotic asphyxiation with a leather cowl among mountain people in the 19th century (6). The sexual asphyxia is almost exclusively created by men; only a few reports exist concerning women. Male subjects tend to create a complex apparatus and environment, whereas female subjects are usually simply found naked with only a ligature around the neck (7).

This case report supports the creation of complex sexual scenes by male subjects. In this case, consideration of the death scene is important in an understanding of the motivation and behavior of the young decedent.

In northern France, a young male student, aged 21, was found dead one morning in May of 1999. The victim lived with his grandmother, who had discovered him dead in the living room. The grandmother had last seen the victim alive the previous day at 9 pm. The victim had known he was alone on the ground floor because his grandmother had gone to sleep. The body was found hanging by a rope tied around the neck, sitting on the upper part of the divan. The divan was situated under a beam, to which the rope was fastened. The body was sitting in front of a mirror. He wore a jellaba and female underclothes (bra, panties, and sanitary towel with red coloring), and clothespins nipping the two nipples (Figs. 1 and 2). Chains and padlocks were present on the body (Fig. 3). There were no pornographic pictures close to the body. In a room near the living room, electrical devices (electrodes) were found. The noose was padded with a towel, which protected the skin of the neck from ridging.

 Fig. 1. Jellaba and clothespins.

                                                                        Fig.2. Underclothes. 

                                                                    Fig. 3. Chains and padlocks.  

                                                              Fig. 4. Radiograph showing hat-peg.   

Fig. 5. Hatpeg

During external examination, blood was discovered at the anal margin. Radiographs revealed a hat-peg, which was subsequently removed from the rectum (Figs. 4 and 5). This hat-peg had provoked rectal and anal bleeding.

Autopsy revealed ligature abrasions around the victim’s neck. Rope marks were located on the anterior part of the neck (Fig. 6). The groove was very faint. Facial petechial hemorrhages were present. Pulmonary edema was present in the lungs. There was no fracture of the hyoid bone or thyroid cartilage and no deep muscle bruises of the neck. No other significant autopsy findings were present. The cause of the death was attributed to asphyxia by hanging.

On the Sunday preceding the event, a TV movie about erotic asphyxiation by a sexual partner had been shown. The relationship between our case and that movie was not established, unlike many cases reported in the literature (8,9). There was no psychiatric background and no known previous suicidal behavior. Additionally, the victim had a normal heterosexual relationship with a 21-year-old girlfriend. He was reported to like risks and to have frequently engaged in extreme behavior (e.g., driving very fast, diving in deep water). The manner of death was finally considered to be an accident.


Asphyxophilia has been defined as the desire for a state of oxygen deficiency to elicit or enhance sexual excitement and orgasm (10). Forensic cases are numerous, and the literature contains some reports. Sexual asphyxiation is described in de Sade’s Justine, and other authors have described sexual perversion associated with hanging (11). The Eskimos have been known to perform sexual asphyxiation as a form of solitary or group activity (12). Jean Giono, a French novelist, described the practice of autoerotic asphyxiation in the 19th century among French mountain people, who used a leather cowl.

The basic mechanism of sexual asphyxias is the production of cerebral hypoxia, which in some men appears to produce hallucinations of an erotic nature. This hypoxia is most often achieved by constriction of the neck by a ligature (a rope, in the case reported here).

Bondage is common, sometimes involving elaborate and bizarre methods. Classically, the use of chains and padlocks is described. Anal self-stimulation with foreign bodies and self-observation with a mirror or camera are correlated with transvestism. Transvestism commonly involves a female apparatus (jellaba, sanitary towel, and panties in this case). Masochism is often seen, and rectal dilatation is sought by victims.

In our case, hanging was accidental and not suicidal. Examination of the autoerotic death scene showed a secluded location, where nobody could disturb the victim. He was in a classic position, with an incomplete hanging. Application of an electric current to the genitals is frequently described but was not the cause of death in this case. A vagal uneasiness was probably the starting point of a loss of consciousness. The vagal uneasiness may have been provoked by two phenomena: irritation of the vagus nerve by hanging and rectal dilatation by a foreign body (hat-peg). Asphyxia was secondary to the vagal uneasiness. All investigations—death scene, external examination, context, autopsy findings—resulted in a conclusion of accidental hanging provoking fatal autoerotic asphyxia.

This case is interesting because of the many characteristics frequently described only in autoerotic asphyxia. It associates transvestism, the use of electric current, sexually oriented bondage, anal self-stimulation with a foreign body, and masochism (clothespins). This behavior is encountered in people of culture and education, as was true of this young student in a scientific field.

People need to be informed about the risks of such activities and of the danger of being unable to stop the asphyxial process before loss of consciousness occurs.

Is That Lost On You?

Judge makes ban on Saget autopsy records release permanent

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A judge in Florida on Monday agreed to make permanent an order that prohibits the release of photos, video or other records related to the investigation into the death of comedian Bob Saget. During a court hearing in Orlando, Circuit Judge Vincent Chiu said he would issue a permanent injunction that had been requested by Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo, and his three daughters. The family members had filed a lawsuit seeking to stop the release of any records from the local medical examiner’s office and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office involving the investigation into Saget’s death. Saget, 65, was found dead Jan. 9 in a room at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando. He had performed in the area the previous night as part of a stand-up tour. Saget died from an accidental blow to the head, likely from a fall backward, according to the medical examiner. An autopsy report showed that Saget had an abrasion on his scalp, a fracture at the base of his skull, fractures around his eye sockets, bruises to the brain, and bleeding between the brain and tissue covering the brain. A toxicology analysis didn’t show any illicit drugs or toxins in Saget’s body. During the course of the autopsy and death investigation, the medical examiner’s office and sheriff’s office created graphic videos and photos of Saget’s body, as well as audio recordings. Such records are prohibited by state law from being released publicly, but some media outlets had already filed requests for them, according to the family’s lawsuit. Source

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