Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Atheist Teachers Julie Morris And David Morris Filmed Themselves Raping 13 Year-Old Girl Chanting "We Hate The Catholic Religion...."

Primary school deputy head, 44, and partner, 52, she met on Plenty of Fish are jailed for total of 29 years for string of vile child sex crimes on girl, aged under 13, whom they raped and abused in sordid videos and teased with dirty texts

A primary school deputy headteacher was today jailed for 13 years after admitting to 18 child sexual abuse offences, including two counts of rape - as sickening details emerged of how she giggled while she and her partner molested a young girl. RE teacher Julie Morris, 44, and David Morris, 52, filmed themselves abusing and raping a child under the age of 13 in a series of videos, before trying to evade police by fleeing to the Lake District in a campervan. David was jailed for 16 years after earlier pleading guilty to 34 charges. Parents at St George's Central C of E Primary School in Wigan, where Julie was in charge of safeguarding, described their 'total shock' after hearing of what the 'highly regarded' and seemingly 'lovely' teacher had done. 'It's like she had a split personality,' one said. Julie and David - who despite sharing the same name were not married - met on Plenty of Fish after Julie's relationship with her husband of 15 years broke down due to him being unfaithful. They soon began sharing their 'graphic and depraved' fantasies that became 'sordid' reality when they set up a group chat with the victim, which they used to discuss how they planned to abuse 'their little plaything'. Julie sent photographs of children at her school to David. But police said photographs were not indecent, or criminal in nature, and there is no evidence that any of the children were harmed. None of the offences she has been jailed for relate to the school. In a police interview, Julie admitted abusing the victim but claimed she had wanted to take part. Judge Andrew Menary said: 'That last statement is breathtaking in its inappropriateness.' Summing up the case, he said: 'Every now and again you see cases, the circumstances of which are almost beyond belief. This is one of those cases. It demonstrates that human depravity really knows no depths.' Source

"Hi I Don't Believe In God Let Me Rape Your Children To Prove It!"


  1. Atheist? Funny that she has a job as safeguarding lead at St George’s Central CHURCH OF ENGLAND Primary School near Wigan.
    Just take a look at the school website=

    I would say typical Christians...since they base their morals on a lunatic fable literally made by illiterate fishermen and goat shouldn't act surprised.

    "I considered church people easy to fool...they have a trust that comes from being Christians. They tend to be better folks all around and seem to want to believe in the good that exists in people." - convicted sexual offender

    In fact, there are studies that demonstrate that the faith community is even more vulnerable to abuse than secular environments. The Abel and Harlow study revealed that 93% of sex offenders describe themselves as “religious” and that this category of offender may be the most dangerous. Other studies have found that sexual abusers within faith communities have more victims and younger victims.

    I know, FACTS....Christians don't like facts.

    1. You know facts?


      You really ought to distinguish Roman Catholics from Protestants.

      The pervert that started Protestantism was the apostate Priest Martin Luther who married more than one nun and some of them were probably underage. The pervert Priest Martin Luther died while engaging in AeA AEA (auto-erotic asphyxiation) with one of his Nun wives. Luther died after a night of debauchery and drunkenness attacking the Catholic Faith at his favorite Inn then went to bed to masturbate at midnight and was accidentally strangled by his nun wife.

      Martin Luther fist apostatized from the One True Faith and ended up an Atheist just like you.

      So please stop pretending that you are intelligent and know it all - you don't. You don't even know yourself.

      Oh and please look at the above post of another Atheist in the news - this one is so stupid that he doesn't even know what sex he is and is an avowed DOG fucker.

      Please you Atheists are a bunch of perverted creeps.

      Oh and one last thing - ALL our worse Catholics are your best Atheists....