Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb Admits 6 Foot Social Distancing Rule Was Completely MADE UP: ‘Nobody Knows Where It Came From’

Former FDA Commissioner Admits 6 Foot Social Distancing Rule Was Completely MADE UP: ‘Nobody Knows Where It Came From’ 

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb testified that the six-foot social distance guideline was “arbitary in and of itself” and that “nobody in government knows where it came from.” In other words, our so-called “experts” were well aware that the rules were a load of crap, but they imposed them on us nonetheless. Gottlieb outlined the laws and hazards early in the epidemic in an interview with Face the Nation on Monday, adding that the Trump administration changed its focus to the devastating impact lockdowns and rules would have on the economy and children. “My view is that they were sold on the idea that you weren’t going to be able to really affect the spread and that anything you did was just going to have so many repercussions in terms of impact on children who might not be in school. Impact on the economy, that the costs were worse than the disease,” he told host Margaret Brennan, explaining that schools were a “perfect example of the lack of effective policymaking.” “So the single reason why most schools remained shut was because the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) was telling them they had to keep kids six feet apart,” he added. “If- if CDC has said you can only- you have to keep kids three feet apart, then a lot of schools would have been able open.” “And in fact, when the Biden administration wanted to open schools in the spring, this past spring, they got the CDC to change that guidance from six feet to three feet,” Gottlieb said, admitting the original guidance was “arbitrary” and had unknown origins. “The six feet was arbitrary in and of itself, nobody knows where it came from,” he went on. “The initial recommendation that the CDC brought to the White House and I talk about this was 10 feet, and a political appointee in the White House said we can’t recommend 10 feet.” 

“Nobody can measure 10 feet. It’s inoperable. Society will shut down. So the compromise was around six feet. Now imagine if that detail had leaked out. Everyone would have said this is the White House politically interfering with the CDC’s judgment,” he continued: The CDC said 10 feet, it should be 10 feet, but 10 feet was no more right than six feet and ultimately became three feet. But when it became three feet, the basis for the CDC’s decision to ultimately revise it from six to three feet was a study that they had conducted the prior fall. So they changed it in the spring. They had done a study in the fall where they showed that if you have two masked individuals, two people wearing masks, the risk of transmission is reduced 70% with masks if you’re three feet apart. So they said on the basis of that, we can now make a judgment that three feet is an appropriate distance. Which begs the question if they had that study result in the fall? Why didn’t they change the advice in the fall? Why did they wait until the spring? Source

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