Thursday, August 26, 2021

White Nationalist Gun Battle In Washington State Leaves Four Dead And One Wounded

Rampaging gunman killed three people during deadly spree of shootings and arsons before he died in his burning pick-truck after firefight with cops 

A rampaging gunman killed three people during a deadly spree of shootings and arsons before dying in his burning truck after a firefighter with cops in Washington on Wednesday. The unidentified suspect was discovered in West Richland on Wednesday after rampaging across nearby Finley and Kennewick, shooting and torching buildings in the early hours of the morning. Four officers were involved in a shootout with the truck driver. The vehicle somehow became engulfed in flames and ammunition was heard exploding from inside.The burned body of the gunman was later discovered inside the vehicle. He had earlier killed grandfather Emil Robert 'Bob' Zlatich Jr. in Finley, and left his son, also Emil Robert Zlatich, wounded. Two other victims were also killed in Kennewick after the suspect set fire to buildings belonging to a labor union, according to KEPR. Police rushed to reports of shooting and fires in Finley shortly before 4am and discovered two homes in flames. The suspect then set more fires throughout Benton County and carried out arsons on facilities belonging to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers labor union in Kennewick. Two more bodies were later found in Kennewick, which police believe are connected to the earlier killing. The suspect's truck was later found in West Richland where a gun battle erupted between the suspect and four officers who shot at his car. A fire started inside the pick-up and live ammunition could be heard going off inside. The body of an unidentified person was later recovered from the burned vehicle. Source

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