Sunday, November 1, 2020

Muslim Terrorist BRAHIM AOUSSAOUI Practiced Mutilation On Cattle Horses And Donkeys In Central France Before Beheading Two Catholics And Stabbing One To Death At NOTRE-DAME DE L’ASSOMPTION BASILICA


Muslims practice their stabbing and beheading skills on horses, cattle or donkeys before murdering innocent civilians. 

Aoussaoui whereabouts during October 9th-29th are unknown

There have been two recent beheadings in Ocotber.

School teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded 16 Oct. 2020.

There were a wave of horse, cattle and donkey mutilation in France since February 2020.

Suspects have not been caught.

Muslim terrorist Abdoullakh Abouyedovich Anzorov who beheaded school teacher Samuel Paty most likely practiced his knife skills on cattle horses before he beheaded Paty.

Muslim terrorist Aoussaoui most likely practiced his knifing kills on cattle horses as well.

There will be more knife attacks by Muslims in France.

Watch for increasing Cattle mutilations coinciding with increased knife attacks on innocent civilians...


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