Thursday, May 7, 2020

Los Angeles Police Officer Frank Hernandez, Pummels Homeless Man...

LAPD launches probe into cop caught on video repeatedly punching handcuffed trespassing suspect in the head, as it's revealed he was previously involved in three shooting incidents

A cop from the Los Angeles Police Department, who has three been involved in three on-duty shootings during his career, is under investigation after he was caught repeatedly punching a man in the head while he was handcuffed. LAPD did not mention the officer by name but the LA Times reported that Frank Hernandez is the cop seen furiously delivering blows to the trespassing suspect in a video filmed by a witness. In the clip, the two appear to be in conversation before the officer suddenly begins attacking him. The suspect is seen bending over, seemingly to protect his body as his wrists remain in restraints. The suspect does not appear to be fighting back but the cop is seen delivering a series of punches outside Church of God of the Prophecy, before pausing and starting again. He appears to hit the suspect more than a dozen times. Source

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