Saturday, July 15, 2017

Life Site Worshiping Trump: Trump The Only Force Standing In The Way Of New World Order! WHAT?

Rad Trads at Life Site worship a Protestant Trump:

Trump the only force standing in the way of New World Order 

My assessment is that there is now a strong case for insisting that ALL conservatives and people of good faith must forcefully speak out and support President Trump — and constantly pray for him and the members of his administration. This is necessary, regardless of his shortcomings, because Trump and his administration are under a historically unprecedented, vicious and dangerous campaign to destroy his legitimate presidency because of hatred for the strong conservative policies that he has been implementing. This is a grave threat to the democratic process in the United States, a threat to the continuation of the Republic itself and a danger to the world in that a takedown of the Trump presidency would facilitate a rapid advancement of the secular, globalist, anti-life and anti-family New World Order and its planned world governance. Essentially, Donald Trump and his Cabinet and other key staff are now the only significant force standing in the way of the New World Order elites’ plans.


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