Monday, September 1, 2014

Sodomite Murder/Suicide TV Personality Scott Rogers Shot And Killed By His Lover & Son-In-Law - Matthew Hodgkinson

Sodomite Scott Rogers


Q. 925. HOW many such sins are there?
A. Four.
Q. 926. What is the first of them?
A. Wilful murder, which is a voluntary and unjust taking away another’s life.
Q. 927. How show you the depravity of this sin?
A. Out of Gen. iv. 10. Where it is said to Cain “What hast thou done? the voice of the blood of thy brother crieth to me from the earth: now, therefore shalt thou be cursed upon the earth.” And Matt. xxvi 52, “All that take the sword, shall perish with the sword.”
Q. 928. What is the second?
A. The sin of Sodom, or carnal sin against nature, which is a voluntary shedding of the seed of nature, out of the due use of marriage, or lust with a different sex.
Q. 929. What is the scripture proof of this?
A. Out of Gen. xix. 13. where we read of the Sodomites, and their sin. “We will destroy this place because the cry of them hath increased before our Lord, who hath sent us to destroy them,” (and they were burnt with fire from heaven.)

The British host of a US TV show who once ran a UK dance school which was likened to a religious cult has been shot dead by his son-in-law in an attempted 'murder-suicide'. Scott Rogers, 52, is understood to have been killed by Mathew Hodgkinson, who was also his former lover, in a murder-suicide attempt at his Louisiana home, according to local police. Mr Hodgkinson, 36, who was also British, was married to Mr Rogers' daughter Kimmy, and it has been suggested that all three lived in the home where Mr Rogers was shot. Originally from Suffolk, Rogers was well-known in Baton Rouge as the host of the feel-good Around Town show, which airs on WAFB on Saturday and Sunday mornings. A suspected suicide note believed to be written by Hodgkinson was found in Rogers’ home. ‘They broke our happy loving home. They do not get to take Scott too,’ read the note. Police said Hodgkinson is currently in a coma in Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, Baton Rouge after surviving the alleged murder-suicide attempt. Rogers, founded the Academy of Dancing and Performing Arts in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk in 1983. He was then known as Richard Scott-Rogers in the UK. The school was likened to a 'religious cult' by Suffolk County Council bosses, who in 1995 warned parents of the 'perceived risk' of sending children to the school. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

This how men did penance and saved a city:

And the word of the Lord came to Jonas the second time, saying: Arise, and go to Ninive the great city: and preach in it the preaching that I bid thee. And Jonas arose, and went to Ninive, according to the word of the Lord: now Ninive was a great city of three days' journey. And Jonas began to enter into the city one day' s journey: and he cried, and said: Yet forty days, and Ninive shall be destroyed. And the men of Ninive believed in God: and they proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth from the greatest to the least. And the word came to the king of Ninive; and he rose up out of his throne, and cast away his robe from him, and was clothed with sackcloth, and sat in ashes. And he caused it to be proclaimed and published in Ninive from the mouth of the king and of his princes, saying: Let neither men nor beasts, oxen nor sheep, taste any thing: let them not feed, nor drink water. And let men and beasts be covered with sackcloth, and cry to the Lord with all their strength, and let them turn every one from his evil way, and from the iniquity that is in their hands. Who can tell if God will turn, and forgive: and will turn away from his fierce anger, and we shall not perish? And God saw their works, that they were turned from their evil way: and God had mercy with regard to the evil which he had said that he would do to them, and he did it not.

This ain't no Ninive so expect a firestorm........

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