Leftist JEW Paul Rosenfeld, 56, Was Planning To Blow Himself Up In DC On Election Day Because He Hates TRUMP!

New York man 'bought bomb parts and was planning to blow himself up in DC on election day because he's mad at the direction the country is going

Police and FBI agents rushed to a upstate New York home on Wednesday to respond to reports that a man was allegedly building a bomb to blow himself up in Washington D.C. Paul Rosenfeld, 56, was believed to have begun building a bomb at his Orangetown home, according to NBC New York. It is believed that the man was in the process of acquiring the bomb parts. At the scene, police found 200lbs of what appeared to be a 'functional explosive device,' according to a police report obtained by the Dailymail.com Rosenfeld was said to have sent letters a Pennsylvania reporter in August and September that he planned to blow himself up on the Washington Mall near Election Day. He shared that he was angry with the direction that the country was headed in. The man - who has no criminal history - had no plans to hurt others, according to officials. Rosenfeld is not believed to have ties to any extremist or terrorist organizations. Source


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